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Why is a fish the symbol for Christianity?

Most people think the fish symbol (looks like one of those support ribbons turned sideways) was chosen to represent the miracle Jesus performed when he fed the masses with a loaf of bread and two fish, but it actually comes from the ancient Greek phrase 'Iησους Xριστος Θεoυ Υιος Σωτηρ' (pronounced Iesus Christos Theo Uios Soter), meaning "Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Savior" - the acronym of which spells ichthys, the Greek word for fish.

And I said it all in one sentence. ^_^
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That's really cool - thank you for the explanation; I'd wondered about that. Now I'll be able to amuse/bore my friends with a new bit of trivia! ;)
No problem. I've been wanting to post that all day, lol.
haha. awesome!
i doubt that.
Never mind, I'm an idiot -- the acronym works in greek. This is what I get from posting when I should've been asleep -hours- ago.
*laugh* I was gonna say... ^_^ The Greek alphabet predates A.D. altogether. XD
The fish symbol with the Greek letters in it (IXΘYΣ) is called an ichthus, since that's the Greek word for fish.

When Constantine converted the Roman Empire to Christianity (when he saw the first two letters of the Greek word for Christ, X and P, in hoc signo vinces, won the battle, etc) he changed the symbol of Christianity to the cross.
Now we know, and knowing's half the battle ^__^

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