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tpeugs's Journal

TPEUGS spells "fish"
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TPEUGS spells "fish" - at least, it does in Phoenix Theory Steno!

This community is an arena for stupid language tricks - or clever language tricks: puns, plays on words, etymology, memehacking, and suchlike. Don't just write haiku, write origami haiku - make it rhyme! Add your own twist!

Language is a tool and a toy. Twist it, play with it, understand it, appreciate it, and it will serve you all your life. Letters are our building blocks, words our castles, sentences our cities. Our words are our worlds. Language is a toy which requires no package but mind and breath, and despite its great worth costs nothing but your time to think about.

Sites of interest:
http://www.peak.org/~jeremy/dictionary/veruci.html - You've heard "ghoti spells fish" before, right? Well, here's the site that lets you figure out how to spell everything in wacked ways. Enjoy!

http://www.engrish.com/index.html - English is a very, very difficult and complex language to learn correctly, but it's very, very easy to screw up.

http://www.theatlantic.com/unbound/wordpolice/ - For that matter, there's plenty of native English writer/speakers who screw it up a lot, too.

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